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Mobile Device Spares Pool Management

Mobile Device Spares Pool Management

Mobile Device Spares Pool Management

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Mobile Device Spares Pool Management Services

A large installation base and timely return of your mobile device are important reasons for consideration of a spares pool program. As you well know, turnaround times can vary with both time and materials as well as contract agreements and a broken unit may be out of action for as much as ten days or more while you wait for a depot repair.

With our mobile device spares pool program, we offer you the option of using your own spares pool hosted at our facility. Upon signing your initial service contract with us, we’ll analyze your typical failure rates and include a pool of spare mobile devices under contract. When a mobile device fails, simply request a replacement and it will be sent to your field worker. Once the device is received, place the broken unit in the box and return. A return courier label will already be applied to the box for your employee. We will then handle the repair or warranty coverage.

Once your equipment is repaired and back in working order, we’ll ship it for the next device failure. Your spare pool is replenished, and you’ve eliminated downtime. With our customized spares offering, you can eliminate turnaround time and save money on shipping. Best of all, your devices will be maintained in working condition.

Our customized spares option is also a great alternative to onsite service, in particular when your mobile workers are in remote areas. Currently, 24 hour onsite response time is not available if you are located 50 miles outside a major metropolitan area. There’s also no guarantee that when a technician shows up, that the parts will be available to adequately fix your equipment. With our mobile device spares pool option you eliminate the guesswork and simply request a new unit when one fails.

Advance Exchange

If you require quick replacement of equipment, our spares pool management is an advance exchange service. With one call or web click, we send your replacement out immediately and ready for the return with all courier services looked after.

Upon receipt, simply place the defective unit in the same shipping container and return for repair and restocking. We repair the item before placing it in your spares pool. It is pre-configured and tested so it is ready for the next time you need it. We offer same-day shipping, easy return shipping, and serial number tracking for reporting.

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