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Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Security

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Mobile Device Security Services

There are at a minimum ten steps to secure mobile devices in a corporate solution. It's not just configuring mobile devices securely, it includes connectivity issues regarding wireless features such as Bluetooth, infrared, WLAN, and WWAN radios and adapters. Maintaining the latest firmware updates can have a major impact on protecting your corportate data from prying eyes. Are there anti-virus programs for such devices? What about theft of the device; especially consumer grade devices. We are here to help!

Mobility Security Consulting Services

Are you doing enough to secure the mobile devices your employees use to access your network?

Custom Solutions for Complete Security

Bring Your Own Device. Data loss prevention. Secure collaboration. No matter the application platform you need to secure - or the mobility hot topic you need to securely embrace - our solutions strike the balance between safety and accessibility, employee productivity and employee privacy. Wherever important information needs to travel, our mobile security solutions will secure that, too.

Mobile devices enhance user productivity by easing remote access to email, business applications and proprietary corporate data. But as the number of mobile device users increases, so do the risks to corporate assets.

Our security consultants can work with you to help you protect your company from the security risks mobility presents. Through our Security Consulting Services for Mobile Environments, our experts can sort through the security challenges smartphones create - and explain the various options for addressing them.

Our mobility experts can help you protect access to corporate data and other assets on all the major platforms deployed in the enterprise, including Apple iOS (for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Android, and Windows Phone and Windows Embedded.

They understand the significance of the risks mobile devices present. They are experienced working with all the major mobile device management solutions and will implement the one that best meets an organization's security requirements.

Secure Enterprise Access

Our highly flexible role-based access control allows enterprises to define and control console access, protecting critical business information and enterprise mobile assets.

Protect Critical Information About Your Assets

We use role-based access control to ensure only authorized users are able to view and manage enterprise assets. Console roles also control the depth of device features and capabilities available to that user. For another added level of security, console log in credentials are integrated with enterprise directory services, authenticating users before logging in.

Leveraging role-based access control also addresses the critical aspect of tracking when, what and by whom changes are made to devices. We provide a detailed trail of users accessing the system, the events or actions taking place, and maintains that information for auditing and reporting purposes.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help protect mobile devices and applications from unauthorized access and malicious activity while still providing a rich experience for the mobile workforce.

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