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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

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Mobile Device Management Services

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) service secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and enterprises. MDM functionality includes over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, ruggedized mobile computers, mobile printers, mobile POS devices, etc. This applies to both company-owned and employee-owned (BYOD) devices across the enterprise.

The Mobile Device Management division of OCR Canada has the expertise and experience in mobile device management that corporations require to support a mobile workforce. We use the leading MDM tools to manage smartphones, tablets, and rugged devices. We support all the major mobile platforms: Apple iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows Mobile all at a fraction of the price that doing it yourself would cost.

Mobile Device Administration

As part of our mobile device management services, we will also administer an MDM solution for corporate and/or employee-owned (BYOD) devices. We provide the levels of control needed for adherence to a company's corporate policies (for example, providing the means for remotely wiping sensitive data from devices that are lost and controlling updates and application downloads). For any mobile device solution, we manage everything a customer requires, including implementation, end user enrollment, device wipe/lock/unlock, over the air application publishing and policy enforcement, reporting, troubleshooting, and software maintenance and upgrades.

We work with the major MDM solutions to help you select and implement the right solution for your environment.

Mobile Device Management Solution

We host the server component of the MDM solution. The server sends out management commands to the mobile devices, and a client component, which runs on the device, receives and executes those management commands. With our deployment services we load and configure all client software on the unit before they are used by your staff.

The management of mobile devices has evolved over time and we keep up with those changes so that you don't have to. We can make changes and updates to mobile device while out in the field so that scalability is not a problem. Central remote management, using commands sent over the air, solves the issues created by a large mobile workforce. At our data center a mobile administrator uses an administrative console to update or configure any or all handsets, group or groups of handsets. This obviously provides scalability benefits particularly useful when the fleet of managed devices is large in size.

Mobile Device Management Features
  • FOTA - Firmware over the air updates
  • Diagnostics
  • Remote Configuration and Provisioning
  • Security
  • Backup/Restore
  • Network Usage and Support
  • Server Deployment
  • Mobile asset tracking and management
  • Remote Lock and Wipe
  • Device Provisioning
  • Software Installation
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Tools
  • Policy Application
  • Logging and Reporting
  • Remote Control and Administration
  • GPS tracking and 'breadcrumb' mapping

Our Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities include the ability to remotely configure a single mobile device, an entire fleet of mobile devices or any IT-defined set of mobile devices; send software and OS updates; remotely lock and wipe a device, which protects the data stored on the device when it is lost or stolen; and remote troubleshooting.

Our Mobile Device Management services enables corporate IT departments to proactively and systematically manage the growing universe of mobile devices used across the enterprise.

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