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Mobile Device Deployment

Mobile Device Deployment

Mobile Device Deployment

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Mobile Device Deployment Capabilities

All deployments of mobile handheld devices require a series of time-consuming tasks to get them useable by your employees. An employee is not a technical wizard that can configure and load a device for corporate use. Even your IT staff will be challenged in doing so when they are required to concentrate on your core business support. We can help. We deploy units to the field on a daily basis and have implemented processes to do so reliably and quickly.

We have developed deployment models to meet your unique needs. Many enterprises simply do not have the resources to support complex mobile deployments. By delivering outsourced management capabilities in a hosted model we ensure mobile devices are delivered to your employees fully functional regardless of network for any size of deployment.

Our outsourced deployment team will quickly and efficiently get fully configured mobile devices into the hands of your employees. While we take care of your mobility deployment, you can concentrate on your business. Whether your deployment is for a few hundred or several thousand users, it will require a series of time-consuming tasks. A slow deployment means lost productivity for users who need their mobile devices to communicate with customers and colleagues, or take advantage of line of business applications from the road.

Our Deployment Service can drive your implementation for you - faster and more cost-effectively. We employ processes that speed delivery of devices configured to your specifications. We provide a full range of deployment tasks for BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, and webOS.

Mobile Device Deployment Services

Services we can render include:

  • Device order processing and procurement
  • Wireless service activation and processing
  • Custom configuration, to your organization's standards
  • Applications and data loading
  • Device Management enrollment
  • Kitting, designed for optimal out of box experience for users, with accessories,device pairing, and custom start-up guides

Mobility Best Practices and Services

We offer a full array of professional services to support enterprises with requirements that go beyond deployment services. Our technical experts are prepared to help you assess technology needs, provide on-site training, mobility best practices, integration services and technical solutions to improve business processes and reduce operational costs. Enterprises using our services benefit from the company's deep domain expertise and experience in building, implementing and scaling enterprise software solutions.

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