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Device Platform Migration

Device Platform Migration

Device Platform Migration

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Device Platform Migration Services

What tips and best practices can we offer for companies trying to migrate from one mobile platform to another? We can assist companies that wish to migrate their users to next-generation platforms such as iOS and Android. What can you expect, what will you need to be prepared for, what security policies are important to be implemented within iOS devices or in Blackberry environments? We can help efficiently and securely utilize a BYOD (bring your own device) program into a financial services organization.

Our enterprise mobility management solution offers cross-platform management capabilities for IT and a brand-new web experience for the enterprise end-user. With a large portion of business communication migrating to mobile calls and text messaging, IT teams need to understand what's on a smartphone and how it's being used, while mobile employees need full visibility into mobile activity and the capability to reduce cost and improve their mobile experience.

Our Migration services offer complete Enterprise Mobility with Multi-OS Management including:

  • iOS management for iPhone and iPad
  • BlackBerry management
  • Android management
  • Symbian management
  • Windows Phone 7 management
  • and more!
Our capabilities include:
  • Improved mobile communications
  • Mobile usage visibility
  • Enterprise app storefront access
  • Mobile devices self-service

Expert Services to Help You Migrate to the Latest Technology

We provide a full range of services to help companies move from one mobile platform to another. Recently, some of our customers have told us that, in light of recent BlackBerry outages and changing user preferences, they are thinking about moving from RIM to another mobile platform. If your organization is contemplating such a move, we can help.

We focus exclusively on enterprise mobility and understand the processes and technologies needed to support a mobile workforce. We also recognize the differences between supporting devices in a BES environment and managing smartphones and tablets using the leading MDM solutions.

Deep Migration Experience

Our mobility architects and consultants provide the expert guidance you need to address a variety of mobility issues, from developing a mobility strategy, to identifying the technologies and implementing best practices that will meet your organization's unique requirements. We can help you plan and carry out your platform migration in a way that will cause minimal disruption to your organization.

Leading MDM Expertise

We understand the differences between RIM's approach to managing BlackBerry devices and the requirements for managing an iOS or Android device. We have worked with companies in markets such as financial services, professional services, health care, education and government to help select the best MDM solution for each organization and install and administer it effectively.

Mobility Lifecycle Services

Our lifecycle services are an end-to-end solution for managing a mobile environment. They provide for a streamlined, well-executed deployment and deliver the day-to-day management required to keep users productive and achieve the ROI companies need to achieve their mobility initiatives. We handle a range of tasks, including:

  • Deployment: The types of tasks we perform include device testing, configuration, device management, software enrollment, application installation, feature enablement, device settings, kitting and shipment.
  • Help Desk Support: We provide end users with the support they need to get up and running with their wireless devices - and stay productive.
  • Depot: We offer a range of services, including spare pool management, replacement request processing, repair/replacement, asset collection, and redeployment and recycling.

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