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Device Implementation Services

Device Implementation Services

Device Implementation Services

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Mobile Device Implementation Services

Planning and launching a mobility solution? We work with organizations to develop a mobility strategy to promote a successful deployment. We can offer consulting services to help organizations understand and address the challenges of enterprise mobility regardless of platform. What's our recommendation for a mobile device? That's the kind of question we get asked everyday by companies that desire to use mobile devices. We help you choose the right product for your environment, not just the best all-around product.

We offer the technical knowledge, industry experience and resources to ensure a successful implementation across any organization. Regardless of the deployment method and scale, implementing a mobile management system is a process that can be streamlined by utilizing the right software tools. Our implementation methodology breaks down the process into four distinct stages that guide the technical and functional aspects of every installation. Our implementation team will help you:

  1. Assess: Document current network topology and information, future requirements, and expectations needed to install and configure a mobile device management solution.
  2. Configure: Install the management console, import customer specific network equipment and device data, complete specific configuration, and train key users.
  3. Verify: Manage a production environment for a limited set of locations, equipment, devices, and users. Identify needed adjustments and improvements prior to the full-scale deployment.
  4. Deploy: Install the first several sites with support and training from our knowledgable technical team, then manage the remainder of the rollout.

Mobile Implementation Tips

Tip 1: A mobile device management solution will not be implemented if upper management does not buy into the need for one. But, more is needed than just management. Appreciate the importance of bringing the entire organization to the table to help get the initiative adopted.

Tip 2: When implementing a mobile management initiative, you need to consider at a minimum the following issues:

  • deciding what software you use and what hand-held form factor best suits the application.
  • providing handheld technical support and training for each affected staff member.
  • ensuring compatibility with the handheld software chosen with the server application.
  • price of the solution.

Tip 3: Keep to corporate standards when implementing handhelds and standardize with one vendor if possible. Otherwise multiple data interfaces would have to be set up. Supporting multiple platforms becomes expensive fast.

Tip 4: Choosing the right device for your environment, not just the best all-around product. Consider the diverse platforms such as Windows Mobile, iPod/iPhone, Blackberry and newer Andriod devices.

Choosing the right tools for the job isn't always the most challenging aspect of implementation. The question to ask when embracing new technologies and disruptive social media is not "Will we use these tools," but "How are we going to ensure that we implement mobile devices -- and all that comes with them -- in ways that meet our fundamental mission?"

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