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About Us

About Us

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About Us

Mobile Device Management Canada is brought to you by OCR Canada Ltd.. Mobile Device Management Canada is a mobility services outsourcer. We draw on our knowledge to help organizations successfully deploy, manage and support the mobile devices their employees use to conduct business. The best practices and tools we employ are tailored to the capabilities and requirements of the major mobility platforms, including RIM (BlackBerry), iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and webOS.


Since 1981, OCR Canada has been earning the trust of hundreds of organizations from across Canada by providing the software, services, and support that comprise every aspect of a mobility-focus IT department and the consulting, development, and engineering expertise to transform business anywhere. Our Mobile Engineering Team and Mobile Support Center manage over 3000 customers in Canada and achieve First Call Resolution 80% of the time. Our project services offerings include the engineering, procurement, deployment and project management to support roll-outs of tens of thousands of devices. With the help of our industry partners we can also do so to an international footprint. Our software offerings include mobile device management for BlackBerry, iOS, Android and many other mobile device as well as customer self-service portals, and the development or distribution of mobile apps.

We Are There For You!

We handle all aspects of enterprise mobility. Through our consulting services we help companies define their mobility requirements and plan and implement mobility. We can help you add process efficiencies while controlling the cost of mobility. Our outsourcing services provide what you need to support your mobile workforce: mobile device deployment and management, user support, and device replacement and repair.

IT and business groups entrust their mobility initiatives to our experts to eliminate many of the challenges they encounter in a complex environment that includes wireless carriers, mobile platform vendors, device manufacturers, and application ISVs.

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